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Weekend Immersives

RocketBeats goes on the road...


East London will always be RB's home, but we'd be selfish if we kept it all to ourselves, so we're taking RB on the road to our favourite cities! 


Welcome to our immersive weekends, where we'll have 4 sessions over two days, each dedicated to a particular direction of travel. 

Move a lot, work a lot, learn a lot, and laugh a lot too.


What exactly is RocketBeats?


RocketBeats is a modern, dynamic and fun style of yoga originating in London with a growing community of practitioners and teachers in the UK and beyond.

With its roots in Rocket, RocketBeats is a challenging and fun, breath-based yoga practice, which is influenced by a range of yoga and movement modalities.

Instead of having set sequences, the RocketBeats style is based on 4 different directions of travel - UP, DOWN, FORWARDS and BACKWARDS. 


The idea is that by practicing in each of the directions equally, you gain a deeper understanding of how and why you move and find your own balance between what you need and what you want.


The low down.


These weekends are an introduction to RocketBeats, with a series of 4 x 150 minute sessions, covering each of the 4 directions, held over a single weekend. Attend one session to get an idea of a single direction of travel or all 4 if you want a complete, well-rounded practice. 

Each session consists of:

  • An introduction to each direction of travel

  • A direction-focused asana practice

  • An introduction to RocketBeats strength and flexibility drills 

  • Q & A

These weekends are non-residential.

What's on the schedule:



Session 1  |  UP - arm balances and inversions, and planks

Session 2 DOWN  |  warriors, lotus and standing balances



Session 3  |  FORWARDS hip compression, floating and pressing

Session 4  |  BACKWARDS backbends in all their forms


Who can join?


This weekend is suitable for anyone who has a regular dynamic yoga practice and wants to do more. Whether you are a teacher or a serious yoga practitioner, this weekend will encourage you to find stillness through dynamic movement, helping you develop a well-rounded personal practice and maybe also giving you the tools to help others do the same.

Upcoming Weekend Immersives


Hong Kong
24-25 May 2024

Prana Yoga, Hong Kong

HK$4500 for all 4 practices

HK$1250 for a single session

Early Bird discount if booked by

30th April

To book follow the link below to the Prana Yoga website   


9-10 November 2024


€200 for all 4 practices

10% Early Bird discount applied if booked before 30th April


To book follow the pay link below  

(Pay link shows £ equivalent)

Interested in bringing RocketBeats to your city?
Want to book or have questions?

Get in touch using the form on our contact page

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