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Modern yoga with a baseline

Alan Ellman    |    Imi Wiseman

Bold soundtracks

Music is integral to the high energy practice that we live and breathe for

We at RocketBeats are very much into our music, especially techno, dramatic deep house or basically anything with a cowbell or a thunderclap. 

Brave sequences

Whether we’re inverted in our classic RocketBeats Up or staring into the abyss in a RocketBeats Chill, our sessions are drawn from various styles, places, and people we have learned from. All with a banging soundtrack from start to finish.

We make the non-traditional less traditional

Although Rocket is at the core of what we do, RocketBeats is not restricted nor defined by one particular methodology. 

Do more

From Day Raves to Weekend Festivals or Yoga Retreats, RocketBeats offers fully immersive yoga events. We'd love to have you

All-day parties for people who love yoga and techno. 

A lot of yang... 

Our Day Raves start with extended RocketBeats practice, meaning more time to breathe, move, and be still. Expect a fiery and playful sequence with a few new party tricks.


A little yin... 

Post-practice, it's RocketFuel time. We'll serve up some vegan delights from Mary to recharge your system. Then, grab your teddy bear. It's time for some RocketBeats Chill. 

Plenty of play...  

Our day raves end on a high with a workshop focusing on inversions, arm balances, backbends, or some of the more pretzel-like hip poses.

Discover our latest day retreats here

Yoga and Tunes are excellent together, but we’ve discovered that they’re even better accompanied by sun, sea, and strawberry daiquiris.


Go further.  


On one of our week-long holidays, you’ll get a chance to go even further. You’ll explore just about every direction the body can move, just in time for a sunset dip.


Every day will start with a 2-hour RocketBeats practice followed by a lengthy brunch where you’ll have more time to get to know your fellow RocketBeaters.


Go on


The afternoons? All yours. Laze by the pool, swim in the sea, explore the area with a little bit of a hike or have a snooze (we’re big fans of a nap). We reconvene in the early evening for another techno powered workshop, be it deep hips or RocketBeats Unchill (just you wait).


Sunscreen essential. Bandhas optional.


Halfway through the week, we’ll skip an afternoon session so we can take to the sea for a boat trip. 


Wanna dive in? Find out more here. 

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