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WTF is RB?

Modern, dynamic yoga with a bassline


This is a challenging and fun, breath-based yoga practice we’ve developed based on the original Rocket system and adapted to include other styles of yoga and movement modalities. 

No set sequences


Instead you'll move in all directions - the ones that challenge you as well as the ones you love. But each time you'll find a space which is bold, exciting and different.


Go everywhere


  • UP everything shoulders (handstands if you want them, arm balances almost certainly - but so much more)

  • DOWN - everything hips (one leg standing balances and maybe leg behind the head - not necessarily at the same time)

  • FORWARDS - everything compression (fold into those presses and bandha checks)

  • BACKWARDS - everything backbends (scorpion tails and king pigeons)


Do them all


And you’ll have a depth of experience of how and why you move, finding your own balance between what you need and what you want. 




Expect a soundtrack just as strong as the sequencing and as loud as us.




Suitable for anyone with a regular practice, who is bold enough to try, fail, get up, fall down, laugh and try again.


Imi Wiseman

Alan Ellman

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