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Corfu Practice Immersive

Corfu, Greece
8 July - 15 July
From £1600

35 Hour Practice Immersive 

Corfu, Greece


Saturday 8th - Saturday 15th July 2023


Lakkiess Beach, Corfu, Greece


Much more than our regular retreats, this 35 hour immersive spans the gap between a regular retreat and a full on teacher training. Whether you are a teacher, aspiring teacher or serious practitioner, this week is all about getting to know your own practice so much better. 

What, really?

Morning RocketBeats asana and pranayama practices are complemented by afternoon deep dives and workshops which unpick the theme of the morning’s practice. We’ll uncover the whole RocketBeats shebang, from anatomy to alignment, philosophy to pranayama, movement to meditation. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of time for those hideous inversion drills you love.


RocketBeats practice is based on direction of travel - and we’ll be looking at our personal practices through these lenses

  • UP focuses on everything shoulders (handstands yes, but so much more)

  • DOWN focuses on everything hips (we’ll definitely be working leg behind the head and do MANY ardha chandrasanas)

  • FORWARDS focuses on compression (work those presses and bandha checks)

  • BACKWARDS focuses on backbends (scorpion tails and pigeons). 


The last day we’ll put it all together in a fully baked RocketBeats BBQ and discuss some of the big ideas that yoga presents on and off the mat. 


Understand your body and your practice better and go home stronger and maybe a little bit wiser. 


All this and all of the fun of a RB retreat - nights in, nights out, boat trips and impromptu dancing, on the beautiful coastline of Corfu.



Accommodation options from £1600



Although you'll work hard and learn a lot, you'll also have lots of opportunities for fun and games. Boat trips and RocketBeats galore awaits. Get ready for the tunes.

Not what you're after? That's cool. Check out our day retreats (sorry, correction: raves) and weekend extravaganzas. 

Upcoming Immersives


8th - 15th July 2023

Lakkiess Beach, Corfu

The RocketBeats speakers will be landing just behind Lakkiess Beach on the southwest coast of the beautiful island of Corfu. 

Let's Get Physical... and Philosophical. 


More than our regular retreats, this 35 hour immersive will include (on top of your morning (not too early) RocketBeats practice) a 2-hour deep dive into all things yoga each day. Uncover the whole shebang, from anatomy to alignment to pranayama and meditation. Don't worry. There'll be plenty of time for those hideous inversion drills you love too. 

Fill your boots with local produce and culture. 


Sound like a lot of yoga? Don’t panic. We'll be spoiling you with the most delicious Greek food and regional wines. By the end of the week, your boots will be filled with local tomatoes, yoghurt, feta, a bit of sand, and yoga know-how. 


Actually, you probably won’t need boots.

Cost: From £1600 (depending on accommodation options)

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